Fixed Gear
The Iride Bici Pista, track bicycle

The Iride Bici Pista
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Through generations of velodrome experience, the Gemmati family has developed a frame with serious yet moderate geometry, resulting in an eminently ridable, quick, predictable, nimble, solid machine. The perfectly balanced handling characteristics are equally suitable for velodrome or pavement.

The complete track bicycle. The lightest and most refined bicycle in our lineup. Comprised of Miche Primato Pista gruppo with Supertype components, and a frame made from triple butted Columbus Niobium SL tubing, hand brazed into investment cast lugs.

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Fixed Gear

This Iride comes with the solid Miche X-Press wheelset, as pictured here. If desired, please upgrade to logo-free carbon fiber, or well-known Boyd carbon fiber wheels. Find those options on the Shop page.


Also oversize

These frames can be ordered with the oversize tubing option as shown here. The skinny 1” tubes make a lighter frame, the oversize 1 1/8” tubes make a stiffer frame. Find those options on the Shop page.


Fork Option 1
1. Full carbon fork

  • Full carbon fiber Columbus Minimal fork with carbon steerer tube
  • 360 grams
  • Recommended

Fork Option 2
2. carbon legs with steel steerer

  • Carbon fiber legs with steel steerer tube
  • 635 grams

the highest performance

Remember, handmade products have irregularities and variations,
increasing uniqueness.

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