Iride USA

Handmade in Italy since 1919

High Performance Bicycles

Lugged Steel

Carbon Fiber


Hand crafted in Italy since 1919, now available in North America.

Iride. Fine Italian Bicycles

Generations of Tradition
accumulation of wisdom

Iride bicycles possess a complimentary balance of traditional and advanced. The 3 U.S. models have steel frames of the most advanced metallurgy, joined with generations of knowledge in hand-made technique and finished in hi-tech powder coating. Then mated with high-end components and wheels, and carbon fiber forks. They are space age, old world and artisanal.


The classic sports car of bicycles
simplified direct high performance

The undeniable exhilaration provided by traveling the path in an open top sports car is the motivation for the straightforward designs of Iride bicycles. To embody this essence and create a resonant experience, the design team relies on simple honest genuine design elements, enhancing performance while reducing unnecessary complexity. Like the classic barchetta.


We are asked, why handmade?
crafted by the hand with knowledge

Complex equipment, like violins, guitars, mechanical clocks, or race cars, are often superior when made by hand. The experienced maker has insight into the use of the finished machine and understands where a little more finesse will gain increased performance.

Also, like the manager of Martin production says: "You know it's a machine made guitar the moment you pick it up"   "You get a cold feeling from guitars that feel too machined."

Certainly a buyer can go out and get an expensive $3,000 or $8,000 bicycle from one of the major brand names. But it will surely have no soul.

When fussing over construction details, the master builder is able to impart individuality and personality to the machine, seemingly a heart. Owners often stare at their bicycle, looking over the shapes with awe and affection. People name their bike. Most people form an emotional bond with their bicycle; it is not a bad idea to get a bike with the ability to love you back.


Easy Acceleration
dr Clayton Curtis accelerating phd

Of Iride bicycles, “I find that the acceleration is surprising.” says Clayton Curtis, Ph.D., Associate professor, New York University, Neural Science Center.  “The acceleration is amazing. I feel that I could do the same top speed as my racing bike, but this Iride really accelerates.” Dr. Curtis says.


Subtle High Performance
for going places

Iride bicycles are dialed-in for high-performance yet casual riding.
They are for going places.
While worthy of racing, Iride bicycles are primarily employed to require less energy going fast on everyday urban pavement.

You don't have to go fast, but when it is easier to go fast, you arrive with less perspiration.


"The Maserati of bicycles" - Robb Report

"Top bike-makers" - Barron's


The original shield and eagle coat of arms logo for Iride, Fine Italian Bicycles.

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